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Tarun Kalyani Photography

Tarun Kalyani Photography

Tarun Kalyani Photography

What I do


Photography speaks volumes and is more than just clicking a picture, it is capturing the essence of the subject, trapping its history and feelings and more, all in one artwork. Also, is it not just how and when you press the button, it is how you observe and the colors that you observe and paint in.

Film Making

A good film speaks to you in different ways each time you watch it but a great film would unravel before you a new insight and understanding of it and we thrive to bring to you the latter in abundance.

Concept Design

Whenever we talk about a particular structure, design or such, the most intricate and essential part of it is in the conceptualization or its perception. So, essentially behind every design is an untold story, that we strive to give the face of reality.

The Creative Workflow

The entire process of a set being made, the a photo being clicked and edited and more, is a creative flow where we channel our ideas and visualize them into pictures. Already pretty decisive on the direction, management and organization and the consequences that are projected, are not just real but aesthetically appealing.

5+ Years of Experience

Tarun is a dedicated photographer and has been on the field for more than 7 years, gaining immense experience in both custom and specialized photography. He has a good eye for detail and is highly competent when it comes to clicking quality photographs. Well versed with the different types of photography in the film industry, he displays extensive knowledge on advanced photography equipment and skills. He has worked with Balaji Telefilms for a period of two years and has been an Assistant Director in a number of Hindi serials. His understanding of the subject, texture and his work, in general is spectacular and his strife to create better each day, helps him capture realistic pictures and be highly favored.

Hire the Best

When you are looking for special moments to be captured or just want to be clicked, you want to look your best and for that, you need to be photographed by the best and it is suggested by our customers that you contact us.

Recent Work

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